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VNC servers downloads

Ultra VNC,Real VNC,Tight VNC


These download are for use with any VNC Viewer like VNC Pocket Office and can be downloaded from here for your convenience.


PC Downloads

VNC Pocket office recommends Ultra VNC to use with our products on the PC.


Get Free server

Real VNC

Tight VNC


Mac OS Downloads


Vine server

or use the built in screen sharing found in your Mac system Preferences/Sharing.



Manuals and Videos for current and legacy software.



Tower of Souls Manual

PTvncGPRS manual

PTvncHiRes manual

PTvncSmartphone manual

Pocket PC Barbilliards

PTvncWM5.x manual

PTvncSWM5 manual

PT Pocket Office Manual



Help installer Video


NEW help installer and setup video

PT-Devoids demo

PTvnc advert

PT-Dev Demo


Parys Technografx software at:-