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VNC FAQ for the iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Help & Support


if you need advice or help with a problem then read through the text below and if you are still having problems then send us an email with the following information.

In order to diagnose your connection problem we need to know a few details:

1. Are you trying to connect to a Windows PC or a Mac PC or a PC with some other OS ? If a Windows or Mac then exactly which OS is on the PC (e.g. WinXP, Vista, Leopard, Lion etc.)

2. Which VNC server are you using on the PC ?

3. Is the PC connected directly to broadband or does it use a router ?

4. Are you trying to connect:
    a. Directly via WiFi i.e. iPhone->WiFi->PC
    b. Over WiFi to a broadband connection i.e. iPhone->WiFi->Broadband->Internet->PC
    c. Over 3G i.e. iPhone->3G->Internet->PC

5. What exactly is happening when you try to connect ?

Given answers to the above we should be able to sort out your connection problem.


Video tutorials


See our set of tutorials:-

VNC iPad 3D Cube interface

VNC iPhone VNC Pocket Office tutorial Advanced

VNC iPhone VNC Pocket Office tutorial Using

VNC iPhone VNC Pocket Office tutorial Connecting

VNC Pocket Office v3.1 bonjour connection tutorial for the iPhone



Setup instructions


Setting up your VNC server for Mac and PC.






First of all if trying to connect via WiFi or WiFi to a local broadband connection then ensure you have WiFi enabled on your device before running VNC Pocket Office.

However if you are trying to connect to a PC via the internet (either using WiFi to broadband or if using 3G) then it's a good idea to check first that the PC running the VNC server is in fact open to VNC connection via the internet.
To do this proceed as follows on the PC you are trying to connect to:

First view the get connected video.

1. Run the VNC server on the PC.

2. Browse to

3. Note the IP address (this is the *remote* IP address of your system to be used when connecting via VNC over the internet).

4. Press the button on the web page to check if you have any VNC connection available. (Note that gotomyvnc only checks the "standard" VNC ports 5900 to 5909).

If reports that no connections are available then there are 3 possible reasons:

1. If using a router then the router needs to be set up to forward TCP/IP port 5900 (or another VNC port) to the local PC running the VNC server. In this case you need to consult your router's documentation on how to do so.

2. You have some security/firewall software on the PC that is blocking the VNC port/s. In this case you need to configure any such software to allow use of the VNC port/s that you want to use.

3. (Least likely). The ISP for your PC's internet connection are blocking the VNC port/s. In this case you need to contact your ISP's technical support and either get them to unblock the VNC port/s or find out which ports are open for use.

If reports that one or more VNC ports are open for connection then VNC Pocket Office should connect OK, but if not then please get back to us supplying the above information and anything else you may think relevant.

If you are trying to connect to a PC running Windows Vista then the problem may be that the VNC servers are not too happy if you have the "Aero" desktop enabled - in this case switch to the "classic" desktop or use UltraVNC as your VNC server -

Note that it has been reported that when trying to connect to VNC servers on a PC using AT&T as their ISP that the host PC is not always being found - the solution if this is the problem is:

1. Run VNC Pocket Office.
2. Set up your connection configuration.
3. Go back to the connection list and tap on the "Help" button to bring up the in-program HTML help.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Parystec Logo icon to open the Parystec website - this will open an internet connection.
5. Exit the help and now try to connect to your VNC server.


FAQ Lion (10.7)(11A511)


We have heard reports of
problems with connecting to lion over Bonjour from your iPhone/iPad. If you are experiencing problems try to setup the connect again
manually by adding a new connection and entering your details in the
required fields.

Connection name

A name

Ip address (of the computer your connecting to)


Your password

Host is a Mac




Then click connect ( top right corner )


FAQ iPhone


Q :I get is a black screen on the iPhone:-


A: Turn AERO off in Vista. The only other reason for a completely black screen is if you have the VNC server installed as a service and the PC is logged off when you connect and the VNC server is set to disable the desktop background - in this case after the busy "flower" has appeared bring up the "Options Menu" and enable the "Smallview" then exit the options menu. Now the "Smallview" will be in the bottom-right of the iPhone display - tap or touch&move in that area to move around the sever's screen and you should find the logging on box in the center of the server's display.


Q: When adding a new connection & try to connect, the program exits ( VNC Pocket Office 2.0 ).:-

A:The work around to this problem is just enter anything as the MAC address section in a new connection before trying to connect using the connection - just a "1" will do. This problem will be resolved in 2.1 update now pending.


FAQ iPad


Q :Connection just shuts down after update v4.1.7

A: Uninstall VNC Pocket Office Pro from your iPad and then reinstall again.

Q: I get an authentication success Message, and then a "Bad rectangle" Error.

A: Make sure you are using UltraVNC for your VNC server and you have compression set to ZRLE. You can download UltraVNC from HERE. (Problem resolved in v4.0.2 and above)

Q: Technical Support is not responding ?

A: Make sure you have sent your support question to Remember that most responses take 12 to 24 Hours and that we are in a GMT time zone.



FAQ iPhone 4


Q :Connection just shuts down after update v4.1.7

A: Uninstall VNC Pocket Office Pro from your iPhone4 or iPhone 4s and then reinstall again.

Q :What apple devices will VNC Pocket Office 4 Pro run on ? :-

A: VNC Pocket Office 4 Pro will work on the iPhone 4 also on iPhone 3G/3GS with iOS4, iPod Touch 2nd / 3rd generation units with iOS4 installed. ( 3D Cube interface requires iPhone 4 / 3GS / 3rd Gen iPod Touch device for functionality )

Q :I am not able to run the program on my iPod Touch ( 2nd Gen ) / 3G. V4.0.1 (resolved)

A: iPod Touch ( 2nd gen ) / 3G running iOS4 hardware is temporally incompatible with some functions in VNC Pocket Office 4 Pro. This problem has been addressed and is resolved in update. V4.0.2





Q: How do I do alt left click when connected to a Mac?

1). Make sure that the connection settings for the connection are set to Mac i.e. "Host is a Mac" is ON.

2). Once connected bring up the "Ext" keyboard and tap on the "Alt" key - this stays pressed until pressed again - then use the left mouse as required (method depending on current mouse mode, icon or live) then tap the "Alt" key again to turn Alt off.

Note that Shift/Ctrl/Alt/CmdCaps all have lights to indicate when on/held down - both on the keys themselves and the duplicates at either end of the spacebar.

Q: Why is the Connection slow over 3G

1) the most likely problem here is a poor 3G signal strength, enough to connect but weak enough so that connection rate is impaired and very slow. In the context of using VNC anything less than 75% signal strength is "poor" - this applies to all VNC software.

2) If you have full screen update ON the the whole screen is sent before it is viewable. If full screen update is OFF the only the part of the screen you are viewing is sent, which is quicker.

Q: Authentication fails when using RealVNC Enterprise

1) Got configure on your RealVNC server Status page.

2) Select Authentication: VNC Password
3) Select Encryption: Prefer off

This will now enable you to connect.

Q On screen help always appears?

The "when connected" on-screen help will appear until you actively switch off the on-screen help using the switch on the options menu (i.e. turning it off using the button included in the help itself does not turn off the help for future connections).

Q Wakeup on LAN is not working ?

Make sure that your computer has the option set to allow a device to wake up the network card so WOL can work. Also remember the WOL works only on Local networks not WAN. Set the MAC address of your network card in the field provide.

How to find your mac address

For WAN external WOL you will need to follow the instructions below:-

To wake up a computer, you need a network card and a router which allows you to receive WOL packets which are sent by VNC Pocket office.

Every modern NIC (network interface card) PC should be able to receive such packets but not all can .
The router has to be configured for receiving arriving packets from the internet. So the router can route packets from the outbound to the inbound side of your local net. Therefore a new firewall rule must be created.
We need to create a inbound firewall rule which will direct packets from the internet to the local site. Most common for Wake-On-Lan is port 9/udp. But you can use another port if you like.

The router knows that it now can accept packets at the desired port, but the router doesn't know where to send the packets. Therefore you have to configure the Broadcast Address as the target, since the packets should be sent as broadcast to all available stations in the same ip range. In most cases it is: not all routers can do this.
After the firewall rule was created you can test your WOL. You just need the MAC-Adress of the computer which should wake up and the IP or hostname of the router.

To determine your MAC-Adress you may press the Start button -> Execute und enter cmd. Afterwards you recieve the information by typing ipconfig /all. There you find the MAC-Adress, which should look like this: 00-0C-6E-2E-5F-01

Note: To keep your external IP Address in mind: Many routers support free services like dyndns. Thus you don't keep your IP Address - therefore you can use a hostname like for instance



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