Welcome to the DesktopCONNECT v1.0.4 instruction manual. Here you will be taken through the steps required to connect to your remote computer.


  1. 1.A DesktopCONNECT account.

  2. 2.OS4+ iPhone/iPad with internet connection (3G/4G/4G+) available OR iPad with a Wi-Fi connection.

  3. 3.A remote computer (PC) connected to the internet or Local LAN/WLAN running DesktopCONNECT software.

  4. 4.VNC password.




VNC instructions

VNC Settings screen

On this screen are 15 items which require settings

1. Connection Name


You can choose any Connection Name, it’s for identification purposes only. Any character is permissible.

There is no default connection name. Except for a Bonjour connection.

2. Host/IP address

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Connection List Screen ( EDIT )

Tapping the disclosure icons to the right of connections will bring up the connection settings as will tapping on a listed device without VNC available.

VNC connection is available

No VNC connection available

Log in

Tap “Get Account” if you have no DesktopCONNECT account.

Otherwise type in your username and password then tap “Connect”/

You may also opt to save the password and set DesktopCONNECT to auto-connect to the given account in future.

Access Options

Simply Tap on the access type you require, or tap “Back to login” to change to a different account.

Access my computers

Tapping on the connection name of a device with VNC available (e.g.”ADMINISTRATOR” above) will either initiate immediate connection (if the password is saved) or bring up the password entry box (as above right) or notify you if further DesktopCONNECT enhancement is required for connection.

Tapping on the connection name of a device with no VNC available will simply go to the connection settings for that device.

Icon types

Tap the settings disclosure icon to edit the connection settings

The Host/IP address is returned by the DesktopCONNECT server and cannot be modified.