Bespoke software development

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Parys Technografx Bespoke product range


Welcome to the Parys Technografx Bespoke developer page where you will find a list of our partners for whom we have designed and engineered software to client specification. For more information

For software development on the

iPhone iPad iPod touch range of apple hardware

Pocket PC Windows 7 range of Smartphones

Google android development

and Mac software development for the Mac app store.


Bespoke adaptation of VNC Pocket Office Pro for Interson Ultra.


Bespoke adaptation of VNC Pocket Office Pro for Single Click Systems remote access suit for the iPhone 4 iPad and iPod Touch iOS 4 and above.


A range of premium global multimedia software for one of the worlds best known slimming companies Weight Watchers.

Here helping a client by developing monitoring software from their Pocket PC`s to their servers


Remote controlling software for houses and Hi-Fi`s


Producing remote control software for controling top end Hi-Fi products


A range of bespoke 3D games software developed for a publishing house. Tiltes include PC PuP, Splat the Cat,Koi-Koi the fish and Zap the Alien. Products now sold through Sold Out.