A Puzzle 4u

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Thumb Fit Olympics - Parys Technografx Ltd

For the iPad Air iPad air/2

Compatable with iOS 8 and above.
















A Puzzle 4u

A classic in the making.

Easy to play. A lifetime to master.

  a Puzzle  

This is a pick-up-and-play app.

A Puzzle 4u is Game Center enabled.

Built in training mode for an easy start.

It’s so simple, Just make a square to score points. Make as many squares as possible  to get the best score. Make more than 1 square at a time to make double point or more to make mega points, get bonus stars, replace puzzle pieces etc.

Simple to play fiendish to master. An iPad classic in the making.

Play this action puzzle today and enjoy for weeks to come.

Features :-

Against the clock - speed puzzle play. Get the best score in the allotted time.


WARNING! - This puzzle will become addictive, so keep calm & carry on.



Training advice:-

  • Warm up your thinking gear before you start.
  • Message a friend on Facebook
  • Stick with it.

Remember; to be the best, you must beat the rest.



Disclaimer: may contain large volumes of fun. Please play responsibly.

Made in the UK